How to Worship with Our Daily Lives

By: Nikko Dumas

Every single one of us worships daily. Whether it be God Almighty or our own little gods (i.e. the god of self, god of money, god of pleasure, god of fame, etc.), worship is the norm. So many of us are worshiping but don’t realize what it is that we worship. Can you identify who or what you spend the most time with and why? That person or thing just might be the object of your worship. 

A desire of mine is to know God and worship Him; however I can admit I get distracted. Thank God He brings me back and shows me grace. He does the same for us all. Despite the ups and downs of our devotion, here’s one thing I know for sure: I can’t possibly handle or fathom what true worship is until I see God face to face. But for now, here in this life, I have this hope for what worship is, and guess what, friends! This desire to know God more is a form of worship... Every day I try to read or listen to Scripture, to pray, to listen to worship music, and more.

So, today I want to share a few of these spiritual disciplines I incorporate in my daily life to worship God that might just encourage you:

1. I posture myself. “Just me and God.”

Sometimes when I’m at home, the park, my car, the beach—anywhere really—I find a place of solitude and peace. I come to God in honesty and humility; He loves an open heart. He is deserving of our undivided attention, but most of all, He loves time with us.

2. Reading Scripture.

As I read Scripture, I use my imagination. Revelation 4 reveals what the throne room of God looks like! It talks about the angels and elders worshiping the Lord day and night. It tells me that worship to God is never ending—that everything they do in heaven is honoring to God. I try and imagine myself doing that daily. An amazing thing about this Scripture is whenever the angels and elders see and hear the living creatures giving glory and honor to God, they fall down, worship, and use their lips to declare praise to God. Worship is contagious! Check out Revelation chapter 4 sometime this week. It will bless you.

3. Prayer – Talking and listening to God in private.

As I pray, I give thanks and praise. I share my most intimate feelings toward God and about things I may be going through. I ask God for wisdom, to forgive me, to give me peace. I give God all my requests, and then I just sit in His presence and just be still.

“When you pray, go into a room alone and close the door. Pray to your Father in private. He knows what is done in private and will reward you.”

Matthew 6:6 (CEV)

4. Listening to worship music.

Yes of course I sing, but I love being able to just listen. It helps me to hear the voice of God through others in how they write, how they sing/play/rap, and how they express themselves to God! Our ears are great tools to absorb and receive the good seed God is planting in our hearts. Worship music is good for our “soil.” Yes, I said soil, but remember it has to be the right seed. We have to be very careful of what we allow to be planted in us. For me, I desire what’s good to fill me up. I believe listening to worship music, love songs, and songs of joy are so important and uplifting.

You aren’t limited to just the things listed above. Many people are drawn to God through creativity—art, dancing, writing, drawing, cooking, running, hiking, etc. Do whatever draws you closer to God. Friends, let’s enhance our perspective of worship. Worship is not just singing. That’s a form of worship. I choose to believe worship is seeking God, finding Him in everything, and praising Him for it.

In short, this is how we can worship God practically in our daily lives:

• Wake up and give thanks.

• Read the Word and meditate on Scripture.

• Pray.

• Reach out to people and check in,

• Enjoy life.

Friends, worship is the gift we give to God. We are created to worship God with everything we are. Let’s choose wisely what we do with what God has given us. I leave you with this quote from Matthew Henry in regard to our daily lives: “It is wisdom to fill up our vacant minutes with that which is good, that the fragments of time may not be lost.”

Nikko Dumas is a Worship Leader at Shepherd Church. Nikko has led at Shepherd Church for over 13 years. She has a passion for sharing about the purpose behind the gift of music. To learn more about Nikko please visit