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"If you were to die tomorrow, do you know for sure that you would go to heaven?" If you are not sure how to answer this question then this class is for you. In this course we will expose you to the foundational beliefs of Christianity. The Bible says Satan "prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour" (1 Peter 5:8). Growing a firm foundation is necessary to come out victorious in this spiritual battle. We challenge you to attend our Saved in Christ class.

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Following the Saved in Christ class, the Strong in Christ class is for those who would like to grow stronger in the knowledge of salvation and the Christian walk. Come learn how to develop new habits of daily Bible reading and prayer as you build relationships with other believers.

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Are you looking for a place to serve in the church and not sure where? In this class we will help you find a place that fits your passions and giftedness and where you can best serve and be a blessing to others.

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God made you to be you and to obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) in your own way. Come learn how to share the good news about Jesus in natural and powerful ways that fit you. Get step-by-step guidance from exercises, discussions, self-assessments and video clips in this class. You will learn how to...

Build relationships with those who don't know Jesus.

Answer their questions about God, Jesus and the Bible.

Share your own personal testimony.

Explain the gospel clearly and simply.

You can register for the next seminar one of the following dates:

Saturday morning, May 6 at 9:00am by clicking here.

Saturday morning, July 8 at 9:00am by clicking here.

Saturday morning, October 28 at 9:00am by clicking here.



If you have completed the Baptism Class or already talked to a Pastor or Decision Counselor about baptism, then we invite you to schedule yourself for one of our upcoming Baptism Weekends. Please email Pastor Shawn Walden at ​​


In this class we will cover four things you need to know and three things you need to do before you are baptized. Then for those who decide they are ready, you will be given a tour of the baptistery area so that you know where to go and what will take place. You can also schedule a time for your baptism. Register for the next class on April 1at at 4:30pm by clicking here.


The next Children's Baptism Class is on the 21st of May you can contact the Children's Ministry for more information or register for that class by clicking here. 


An Encounter, through the Life Groups Ministry, is an invitation to surrender completely to God. In order to experience freedom from habits, burdens, wrong thinking, bitterness and past experiences that hold you back, you must be willing to surrender every area of your life to the Lord.

Freedom to live the life God created you to live. Can you imagine what that would be like for you?

Hundreds of people have attended these life-changing weekends and walked away with tremendous testimonies of how God has changed their lives. Be ready for God to change you from the inside out. You will truly be blessed.

There will be approximately 60 to 80 other men or women on the weekend with you. Food, lodging, and transportation will be included in the cost of registration. They are held at Christian camps in the Southern California area. You will experience fellowship like never before, with others from Shepherd.

During the weekend there will be testimonies, biblical teachings, and time with the Lord, which will help you understand what freedom looks like for you in every area of your life. If you're open, your life will be changed forever.

CONTACT Lori Lewis x111 Life Groups Administrator



No one ever said marriage was easy, and that is why we encourage all engaged couples to take this seven-week class to prepare you for many exciting, fun and rewarding years of married life. Registration is required and the class fills up quickly, so please register early. Part of the requirement of the course is to take an online premarital inventory called "Couple Checkup". There is a $35 dollar cost for this inventory per couple. You can pay for this when you register. Next Class: TBD

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Contact | Kay Norris x225


While you wait for the next classes to be scheduled at Porter Ranch, you may be interested in another series on Marriage that meets once a month at our West Valley Campus. For more information click here.


 Next Classes Start February 12. Sign Up Now!

Perhaps the most rewarding and yet most frustrating relationship in our lives is the one with our spouse. No other relationship holds such promise for good or potential for pain. Even having a Christian marriage does not immunize us from the problems and pressures of the world. We struggle with the same issues that others do: communication, time management, money, sex, etc.

Mastering your Marriage provides tools for developing strong and divorce-proof marriages. The series is designed to be fun while looking at ways to understand ourselves, our spouse and our marriage. Because it is our desire to make Mastering your Marriage as meaningful as possible, the following requirements will help maximize your experience. Each couple will be asked to:

Complete a short homework assignment each week.

Read a book together as a couple during the eight weeks and complete a book report.

Commit to one TV-free evening each week for the duration of the class.

Topics Include

Living by the Book

This first class will set the tone for the entire series by understanding God’s design for our marriages.

Buttons, Hooks and Triggers

In this session we will focus on how insight into our past can be used to grow and enhance our marriage today.

Understanding (and Appreciating) Our Differences

Understanding and appreciating our differences will make them work to our advantage.

He Said / She Said

What did you say? We will examine and practice communication basics.

Ouch, That Hurt!

Looking at conflicts in our marriages, we will strive to make those hurts a place of healing.

Moving On

Finding ways as a couple to keep growing and learning beyond Mastering your Marriage. Our relationship should be a shared adventure that gets better with each year.

The next classes start February 12 in Room 201 - 202. Please register by calling Jim Beebe at Abundant Life Christian Counseling.

Contact | Abundant Life Christian Counseling 818.787.1242


Find out what it means to be a Christian and how to become a member of Shepherd Church. This class is required for membership. Childcare is available for this class.

Upcoming Classes at the Porter Ranch campus.

To sign up, click on one of the links below to register or call the church office at 818.831.9333.

May 7, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 201 - REGISTER HERE.

July 9, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 201 - REGISTER HERE.

September 10, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 201 - REGISTER HERE.

November 5, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. in Room 201 - REGISTER HERE.

Upcoming Classes at the West Valley campus:

March 19, 2017 - REGISTER HERE.

Upcoming Classes at the Westside campus:

Check back soon!


The Kairos Course is an interactive course on God's mission for the world. It is designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to actively participate in God's plan for the world. It utilizes a variety of adult learning styles including group discussions, short lectures, introduction, devotions, video teaching and student participation in specially designed activities.

Kairos looks at the four main areas of mission concern which are the Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural dimensions of mission.

The vision of Kairos is to see the whole Church mobilized for cross-cultural mission to the world’s least-reached peoples.

If you would like to register for the next course click here.

The course will be held at:

West Valley Campus

5901 De Soto Avenue

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Dates and Times (8 Days)

Monday, February 6: 6:15 - 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, February 8: 6:15 - 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, February 11: 8:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Sunday, February 12: 1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Monday, February 13: 6:15 - 9:00 p.m.

Wednesday, February 15: 6:15 - 9:00 p.m.

Sunday, February 18: 8:30 - 4:30 p.m.

Monday, February 19: 1:30 - 5:30 p.m.

For more information please contact: Linda Kohn x2247 Global Partners Director



The School of Advanced Leadership Training (SALT) is a partnership with Hope International University where up to 12 units of study may be taken for credit at HIU and may be applied to a graduate degree program in ministry. All courses are regionally accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Association for Biblical Higher Education and may be transferred to other colleges or universities subject to their respective transfer policies.

The next available class is Old Testament Overview - The History and Literature of Ancient Israel that is set to begin online on 3/20/17. This is basically an Old Testament Survey or Overview course. You can register for this course by clicking on the course title link above.

After completing 12 units in the SALT program, each student will receive a Certificate of Ministry from Hope International University. Two certificates are offered:

Bible Knowledge Certificate (Courses Offered) - Click on the links to register.

History and Literature of Ancient Israel (Old Testament Overview) - 3/20/17

Bible Study Methods and Tools - 10/12/15-12/5/15

History and Literature of the Early Christians (New Testament Overview) - 4/2/16-5/21/16

Relational Evangelism - 6/4/16-7/23/16

Life of Christ: Jesus and the Kingdom Among Us

Church Leadership Certificate (Courses Offered) - Click on the links to register.

Balancing Ministry and Personal Life - Scheduled 5/24/14-7/26/14

Leadership Styles and Principles - Scheduled 8/18/14-9/27/14

Developing Spiritual Disciplines - TBD

Dynamics of Servant Leadership - TBD

Ministry Practices of the Church - TBD

Optional Courses

Introduction to Care Ministry (Foundations of Pastoral Care) - TBD

Preparing for Short Term Missions - TBD

The Gospel in Mission - Cross Cultural Communication - TBD

Introduction to World Religions - TBD

Perspectives on Dynamic Church Leadership - TBD

Potential Courses Cast your vote on which courses should be offered next by taking our poll. You can take the poll by clicking here.

Apply to be a Pastor, Teacher, Missionary, etc.

We have a three phase process for those interested in becoming pastors and teachers. It begins by filling out an application and returning it to our Leadership Team. The SALT courses above can be applied towards part of this process of preparation. To apply for being considered as a pastoral or teaching candidate please click here.


This eight-month discipleship course is designed to take you to the next step in your spiritual journey by teaching what it really means to be a disciple of Jesus. As you gain a better understanding of the life God has called us to live, our goal is to help you "be the person God has created you to be" so you can "do what God has called you to do."

A disciple of Jesus is not only a learner or student, but also seeks to become more like Jesus by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We believe that God has a specific calling on the lives of all His followers. The School Of Discipleship comes alongside the individual and helps aid that process.

Hundreds have graduated from this ministry and are becoming the people God has called them to be, as well as actively serving in God’s Kingdom according to their individual calling, gifting and talents.

School of Discipleship is segmented into three levels.

Level 1 – Biblical Doctrine and Theology

Level 2 – Spiritual Transformation

Level 3 – Serving in the Kingdom/Making Disciples

This is a once-a-week course that teaches you the principles of biblical discipleship which you will implement for the rest of your life.

CONTACT Bahram Khayatpour x193 Spiritual Development Pastor



Shepherd’s Business Directory will be loaded with businesses exclusively from our church giving you the opportunity to connect and engage with the entire community. All listed businesses have pledged to adhere to biblical principles of running a business.

The church business directory is a great way for Christians to support and encourage one another in their daily lives.

Using businesses from our church will change lives and make a difference. Find a business, involve your business and “like” us on Facebook. Visit the Shepherd Business Directory website at or go directly to the page you are looking for by clicking on the buttons below.

Find a Business Register your Business Facebook

E-Directory Visit to receive your online copy of the business directory.

Business Directory Features

-Includes multiple platforms: Online, Facebook, eBook, and Mobile

-Affordable. Monthly rates starting at $14.95 per month

-Hassle-free. Register your business in only 5 minutes

-Professional Ad design is included Distributed throughout Shepherd Church

-Socially Distributed. Advertising reach is unlimited through Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Twitter and other social platforms

-eBook Directory is iBook and Kindle ready and distributed to your email lists

-Builds community within Shepherd Church

-Strengthens your businesses, your church and the Kingdom

Share our Directory with your friends, family and colleagues. Every time you share a business, you share Shepherd Church.

CONTACT Rick Kasel x435 Stewardship Pastor



Are you a financial advisor, real estate broker, mortgage broker, gift planner, insurance broker, estate planning attorney or investment counselor? Kingdom Advisors is a ministry dedicated to promote the Bible as the chief source of financial wisdom and to be used by Christians as they counsel others in the management of their resources. We believe that you do not have to leave your Christianity at the door when you show up at work! This ministry provides a network of Christian colleagues that provide support, accountability, and ongoing education in your field of endeavor. Our local study groups meet monthly on the first Friday at our Porter Ranch Location and the second Thursday in Westlake Village from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Visit for more information.


Join the Financial Peace University from finance guru Dave Ramsey as this Bible-based curriculum teaches people how to handle money God's way. These all new nine-week DVD lessons from Dave provide you with the information you need to achieve your financial goals. Contact Pastor Rick Kasel for more information or sign up online by clicking here. You can also register for another location and time at


We meet with individual members to discuss financial challenges and work with them finding appropriate solutions for their individual situations. We help with debt reduction, savings and investments, major purchase decisions, lease vs. buy and more.


We conduct periodic estate planning seminars providing the opportunity for wills and trusts to be drawn up for church members. We are interested in volunteers who are professionals in investment, tax accounting, insurance, real estate, financial planners, estate law, that would be willing to serve in an advisory capacity.



CONTACT Rick Kasel x435 Stewardship Pastor



We use the Compass Financial Ministry series, formerly known as Crown Ministries, for formal education on God's principles for a Christian in financial matters. These are 10-week courses of two-hour small group meetings utilizing a student manual, a student workbook and the Bible. In this course you will create an actual working budget, debt reduction plan and an investment strategy. We are currently offering the small group study only for adults, but are excited to eventually add youth and college/career modules. Register for the next class beginning on Thursday, August 25th by clicking here. You may also be interested in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University which usually meets on Tuesday nights. You can find more information about this course by clicking here.


We provide advice and direction for major gifts, bequests, Charitable Remainder trusts and directed donations.

CONTACT Rick Kasel x435 Stewardship Pastor

We Believe in the Power of Prayer

The Prayer Ministry is made up of two areas – the Prayer Team who rely on the power of praying for others and the Prayer Partners who will pray with individuals after each of the weekend services. Both teams consist of people who have a passion for prayer and pray diligently, specifically for the needs within and outside the church, locally and globally.

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