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May 8, 2019
A Motherly Light

Portia Gorman is passionate about sharing her faith. In search of a church with sound teaching, Portia and her husband tried Shepherd Church and really felt at home.

"We were looking for a church that was going to help us raise the next generation."

"I have a heart for people, for women- particularly mothers. We're out here in Los Angles, California trying to raise Godly children and it seems almost impossible sometimes but I think to myself: 'Lord, if you raised up Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, three young men who were willing to give their lives, Lord if you saved me  and my husband than surely you can save anybody."


In recognizing this and having a heart to share, Portia started a blog to hopefully inspire other moms, as they live the challenge of raising young children in today's world. 

"I really enjoy blogging, sharing recipes and stories and hopefully making a difference. I actually worked as a children's therapist before becoming pregnant, but now that I'm a stay at home mom, it's a way for me to still make an impact." 


For the Gormans, it's about more than just making an impact in the community but making an impact in their home.

"It's about pointing to God in all that we do and leading by example for our children." 


"They're two and four and I see that it is true, we really are coming into the world as little sinners. I've seen it with my own eyes as a mother but we have the great opportunity of sharing with them the gospel, even at this young age and teaching them that Jesus died for them."


While Portia understands and appreciates the opportunity of being a mother, she also is very familiar with the daily struggles and work that it takes to raise young children.

"Being a mom has its challenges, you're like a broken record repeating yourself but nobody's listening to you and it's like your kids just love to assert their independence away from anything that you're saying."  


"But kids do listen and they pick up on things very quickly. You'd be surprised by how much they know already from church and reading the Bible and just living life, they're like sponges taking it all in. So I feel like we can make a difference in the world hopefully by raising honorable boys that love Jesus." 


"Everything becomes a teaching moment even when we mess up. We're still beginners in starting out our journey but we're intentional about our desires before God and we do the best that we can but ultimately it's God that's working with us and our desires to raise them to love Jesus." 


"There are days that I'm exhausted I'm irritated, the laundry is ongoing, the dishes never stop and it can all be tiring. Those are normal, daily challenges that I have aside from additional worries about my children's health and safety, but you have to just learn to trust God with all of it."

"The worries will come but as a family we're all in this together and we know God has his best interest for us." 


"You learn none of us escape our humanity, every day we are relying on Jesus for his grace because there is no perfection." 

"We have challenges just like everybody else, we're people and we have the same issues that everybody else has, we just have the Lord to be the light to show us the way to go. That's the hope and that's the anchor that makes all the difference on the tough days."


"We have this hope in Jesus that's real and we have His light, we have something that is enduring because the world will change, people will change but we have a real enduring hope and faith that sustains us and that's really the truth of it all. When you want to give up after that terrible fight with your husband or after your kid did something really bad or when you just don't feel like you're measuring up as a mother- His love finds us."

 "We as parents are vessels, we're ambassadors for God, and we know we're not perfect and that our children won't be perfect but that's not our goal. Our goal isn't to raise perfect children our goal is to raise kids that love Jesus and see their need for Him."

Portia and her husband realize the blessing of being chosen to be vessels as they continue to lead by example and point to God for their young boys.

The Gormans are also expecting a little girl in the summer of 2019. 

 Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” 

-Proverbs 31:28-29