PreMarital Class

This is a 7-week premarital class based on the book Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts. The registration costs will cover the SYMBIS online premarital assessment and report. You will be provided a link to order the book and workbooks on your own so they can be shipped directly to you. In the class we will help you answer the following 7 questions.

  1. Have You Faced the Myths of Marriage Honestly?
  2. Can You Identify Your Love Style?
  3. Have You Developed the Habit of Happiness?
  4. Can You Say What You Mean and Understand What You Hear?
  5. Have You Bridged the Gender Gap?
  6. Do You Know How to Fight a Good Fight?
  7. Are You and Your Partner Soul Mates?

Internet Campus

(818) 831-9333

Online via Zoom

Date / Time

Registration closes on May 10th, 2021

Registration closed on Monday, May 31, 2021