Mastering Your Marriage

Perhaps the most rewarding and yet most frustrating relationship in our lives is the one with our spouse. No other relationship holds such promise for good or potential for pain. Even having a Christian marriage does not immunize us from the problems and pressures of the world. We struggle with the same issues that others do: communication, time management, money, sex, etc. Mastering your Marriage provides tools for developing strong and divorce-proof marriages. The series is designed to be fun while looking at ways to understand ourselves, our spouse and our marriage. Because it is our desire to make Mastering your Marriage as meaningful as possible, the following requirements will help maximize your experience. Each couple will be asked to: Complete a short homework assignment each week. Read a book together as a couple during the eight weeks and complete a book report. Commit to one TV-free evening each week for the duration of the class. Topics Include

  • Living by the Book - This first class will set the tone for the entire series by understanding God’s design for our marriages.
  • Buttons, Hooks and Triggers - In this session we will focus on how insight into our past can be used to grow and enhance our marriage today.
  • Understanding (and Appreciating) Our Differences - Understanding and appreciating our differences will make them work to our advantage.
  • He Said / She Said What did you say? - We will examine and practice communication basics.
  • Ouch, That Hurt! - Looking at conflicts in our marriages, we will strive to make those hurts a place of healing.
  • Moving On - Finding ways as a couple to keep growing and learning beyond Mastering your Marriage. Our relationship should be a shared adventure that gets better with each year.

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Vintage Ministry 

This ministry is an exciting group of senior adults who gather together to fellowship, worship, and encourage one another through regular activities and service throughout the year. Join us at our Tuesday Morning Devotional Fellowship 10 a.m. in MC 101 as we gather to study God's word, and uplift one another!

Contact | Renee Rutherford

Deaf Ministry

Shepherd Church provides a platform interpreter for the Deaf during the 11 a.m. Sunday morning service at our Porter Ranch location and special events throughout the year. We reserve a Deaf Section in the front of the sanctuary. Come early as seats fill up quickly.

Defender's Ministry

In life you may be asked difficult questions about your faith and why you believe what you believe. The Defender's Ministry will help you defend your faith and navigate conversations with friends and family who do not share the same beliefs as you.

Contact | Jackie Dagg 818.731.7324

Encounters 2018

The Encounter is a weekend in which will help you connect with God in a way you may have never experienced before, and will help you realize what the cross means to us today. Whether you are a current leader, a prospective leader, or you just want to take the next step in your Faith, we believe the Encounter will change your life and help you become a more fruitful disciple-maker. To learn more follow the registration link below.  

Men's Encounters

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Women's Encounters

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To register for the Encounter, click here!

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School of Discipleship

This eight-month discipleship course is designed to take you to the next step in your spiritual journey by teaching what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. As you gain a better understanding of the life God has called us to live, our goal is to help you "be the person God has created you to be so you can "do what God has called you to do.

A disciple of Jesus is not only a learner or student, but also seeks to become more like Jesus by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We believe that God has a specific calling on the lives of all His followers. The School of Discipleship comes alongside the individual and helps aid that process.

Hundreds have graduated from this ministry and are becoming the people God has called them to be, as well as actively serving in God’s Kingdom according to their individual calling, gifting and talents.

School of Discipleship is segmented into three levels.
Level 1 – Biblical Doctrine and Theology
Level 2 – Spiritual Transformation
Level 3 – Serving in the Kingdom/Making Disciples
This is a course will teach you the principles of biblical discipleship which you can implement for the rest of your life.