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Shepherd’s Business Directory will be loaded with businesses exclusively from our church, giving you the opportunity to connect and engage with the entire community. All listed businesses have pledged to adhere to biblical principles of running a business. The Shepherd Business Directory is a great way for Christians to support and encourage one another in their daily lives. Using businesses from our church will change lives and make a difference. Find a business, involve your business and “like” us on Facebook. Visit the Shepherd Business Directory website by clicking here. Business Directory features include multiple platforms: Online, Facebook, eBook, and Mobile. Affordable, monthly rates starting at $14.95 per month. Register your business in only 5 minutes. Professional Ad design is included. Advertising reach is unlimited through Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Twitter and other social platforms. An eBook Directory is available in iBook and Kindle ready formats and distributed to your email lists. Share our Directory with your friends, family and colleagues. Every time you share a business, you share Shepherd Church.
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Are you a financial advisor, real estate broker, mortgage broker, gift planner, insurance broker, estate planning attorney or investment counselor? Kingdom Advisors is a ministry dedicated to promote the Bible as the chief source of financial wisdom and to be used by Christians as they counsel others in the management of their resources. This ministry provides a network of Christian colleagues that provide support, accountability, and ongoing education in your field of endeavor. Our local study groups meet monthly on the first Friday at our Porter Ranch Location and the second Thursday in Westlake Village from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Visit for more information.
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We meet with individual members to discuss financial challenges and work with them in finding appropriate solutions for their individual situations. Get the help you need with, savings and investments, major purchase decisions, lease vs. buy and more.
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We provide advice and direction for major gifts, bequests, Charitable Remainder trusts and directed donations.
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We use the Compass Financial Ministry series, formerly known as Crown Ministries, for formal education on God's principles for a Christian in financial matters. These are 9-week, small group meetings utilizing a student manual, workbook and the Bible. In this course you will create an actual working budget, debt reduction plan and an investment strategy. 

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Join the Financial Peace University's financial guru, Dave Ramsey, and his Bible-based curriculum that teaches you how to handle money God's way. The nine-week DVD lessons from Dave provide you with the information you need to achieve your financial goals.

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We conduct periodic estate planning seminars, that provide the opportunity for wills and trusts to be drawn up for church members. We are interested in volunteers who are professionals in investment, tax accounting, insurance, real estate, financial planners, and estate law that would be willing to serve in an advisory capacity.

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