D-Groups (or Discipleship Groups) are Life Groups designed specifically for 6th-12th graders.

We worship, learn, and discuss things like life, Jesus, and Scripture. D-Groups are a great way to connect with an adult who loves Jesus and build lasting relationships with peers.

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What Happens In a D-Group?

Worship: We define worship in Shepherd Youth as responding to who God is and all He has done. We do this every week, all together, through music. It's transformative and often one of the first places students start to get ahold of who God is.

Teaching: We look at a chapter of Scripture each week and break it down in a way that helps us get ahold of what it means in light of the Gospel and of our lives.

One-on-Ones: Each semester, students meet with their D-Group leader one-on-one. This is one of our favorite things about D-Groups because it gives an opportunity for every student's story to be heard and cared for. One-on-ones are scheduled out by the D-Group leader and happen on campus with other leaders and staff present.

Groups: This is the heart of D-Groups. Students and godly adults coming together to get to know one another, read the Scripture they learned about, and discuss what it means to live a full life in Jesus. We do everything we can to keep groups together for as long as we can. That's why you register and why we ask you to not miss!

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This Semester at a Glance

Session 1:
September 4 – 25

October 2

Session 2:
October 9 – November 13

Host Parties:
November 20

We ask that if your student will miss three or more groups for the semester, that they take a break and join us in the Spring. We cannot guarantee that students will be placed in specific groups (we do our best to place them with their previous group).

Please note there is a $20 fee for registration, which goes to fund the Host Parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any student enrolled in 6th-12th grade. Please note that we encourage you to make D-Groups a priority and not miss more than 3 weeks in a semester. This helps students form connection and build community!
D-Groups meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. They meet on the Simi Valley and Porter Ranch Campuses. Both meet in the main sanctuary.
Students are first placed in groups based on the group they were in the previous semester. We keep groups together as long as possible. If a student is new to D-Groups, we do our best to find the best fit for them. Because group size is limited, we cannot guarantee that a student will be able to join a specific group. All students are placed in group based on grade and sex.
Shoot us an email at sksy@shepherdchurch.com and we'll be happy to arrange a tour with you.
Students meeting often and staying together helps form community and build connection. Because of this, we have each student register and join a specific group (that they'll stay in for as long as they're in D-Groups). Please note the $20 registration fee is used solely for the student at a memory building event called a Host Party.
Shepherd Youth offers weekend services, serving opportunities, and events throughout the year. In particular, students are encouraged to attend "Summer/Winter with Shepherd Youth" at Porter Ranch, which are continuations of the semester but based around eating meals together and studying spiritual disciplines.

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